About Us

Author: Alex   Date Posted:1 June 2013 

Hi There,

It doesn’t come as a surprise to most people that most of the common and frequently used online retailers don’t provide the service to ship their products to Australia and in the case where they do, the shipping times are extremely slow and items arrive damaged after being handled by so many carriers. The Yank Shop is a website that was designed to combat this exact issue by providing Australian consumers with high quality products.

The Yank Shop is a website that ensures 100% satisfaction and has been in existence for over 2 years. We guarantee that each and every product that you order will be delivered to your doorstep and to top it all off, the shipping is only $10 Australia wide & extremely fast to anywhere within Australia so you won’t have to pay the obscene slow shipping rates that you’d have to pay using other retailers.

If you seem to be having any concerns or require us to clarify something for you then contact us here.

Author: Alex   Date Posted: 20 June 2014